An introduction to cell phone signal boosters

ZB575X_A_contents_hi__50633.1418063435.1280.1280In this day and age technology has come a long way and it is amazing to see what is next. One such innovation that has taken tech by surprise, is signal boosting. Specifically, cell phone signal boosting. A cell phone signal booster not only aids the user but also those around it. And that reason is why everyone is in favour of this technology and are working towards improving it. The way a cellphone signal booster works, is that it takes a signal that is present currently, such as in a cellphone, and then it transmits or broadcasts this signal to the area around. Most of the time this system is used when there is a low signal in the surrounding area. It is also used when there is no signal at all. Here we give you an outline of a cellphone signal booster and a few of its most essential components.

As we have mentioned above, you cannot create signals from a booster, what it does is expand and transmit an existing signal. Hence the main question naturally comes as to the distance or area that this system covers. The usual way in which boosters are categorized is based on square foot. This is when the antennas come into place. There are two types of antennas when it comes to mobile phone signal boosters. The internal antenna and the external antenna. The best possible circumstance is when you keep the internal antenna in a place which is not obstructed by anything. The best possible alternative for the external antenna is if you keep it in a place that is open ended and has good reach for the area you are trying to provide the signal to.

The signal strength is the next factor that you should consider. This is the most important element in getting good signals for the area you intend. One very important indicator is the signal bars on your cell phone. These bars will directly affect the signal strength and range. Although there is no proper measure as to the amount of signal bars. It is assumed that each additional bar multiplied signal strength by around 5 to 10 points. Hence it is vital that your cell phone has optimum signal, because it is this signal that you will use to channel and transmit using the external antenna. Even though there is no way to measure signal bars, you can measure the strength of the signal outside. This is done by putting the cell phone into its field test mode.

As you can see cell phone boosters will greatly aid you in bringing connectivity to areas that have little to no signal at all. It is important to understand the underlying systems and processes that make this work. The details that have been mentioned above relate to only a few components. However these also happen to be the most important ones. We hope this has given you a clear insight on cell phone signal boosters.



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