Telstra Mobile Phone Signal Booster Used in AU



Mobile phone boosters designed for Telstra network operator in Australia are addressed to the factors that cause poor cell phone reception. Their unique structure enables them to amplify a weak signal and provide it to a place it was initially lacking.

The mechanism of the function of this system is the following:

As we learned from, an external antenna is set at a place which has better signal connection, typically in the roof or balcony. The signal is gathered by the antenna and is passed forward to a signal amplifier inside the building. As soon as the signal is amplified it is sent to the internal antenna which rebroadcasts the signal with better quality

Thus, once installed, the boosters may be used for a long time, still, a careful examination is demanded from you while choosing a booster that best suits your needs and budget.

So, it should be noted at the outset that different boosters may be designed for serving different purposes, i.e. for boosting 2G, 3G, 4G network, for small or large areas, etc., consequently, you should have a clear idea what network is important for you to make a wise choice!

Here we find it appropriate to introduce you some of the Telstra mobile phone signal boosters that have the best reputation and feedback in AU.

Cel-Fi Phone Signal Booster Telstra Cel-Fi Phone Signal Booster. This is the first booster that we want to draw your attention to. The Cel-Fi system in general is made up of two boxes that are linked to each other wirelessly, still can connect in a short while to amplify and provide you with strong signal, shortly after installation. Unlike many other boosters, the system is considered to be legal in Australia and can be freely used while using Telstra connection. The fact that Cel-fi systems are legal in AU is considered by the fact that they are differentiated from standard indoor repeaters by their ability to function without interfering mobile network.

The discussed booster may be easily used in homes, in case you suffer from bad connection in some of the rooms, as well as it can be used while going camping. Those who have used the device are usually highly pleased with it and mention that despite the considerably high price it would be a wise investment to buy the device. The buyers state that unlike the past, when they had to cross a long distance to go to a place where the connection is better or simply stick to a spot at home in order to be able to make calls, now they are able to use their mobile while moving around at home, thanks to the increased data speed.

The most common models are Cel-fi PRO which is a wise solution to signal problems related to Telstra’s Next G, 4G and 4GX networks and operates on 3G 850Mhz and 4G 700/1800 bands, while Cel-fi RS2 model operates on the WCDMA 850Mhz band.

These review of the customer about these models are positive with occasional exceptions. Those who have spent money on the devices generally claim that it was not wasted money and regret that they had not done it before.

Cell Repeater GSMs Other popular devices that can considerably improve the signal reception in Australia are Cell Repeater GSMs.  These devices are able to increase the signals from one to five bars shortly after turning it on. The device has both external and internal antenna with it, and is quite easy to install. What you are expected to do is simply sticking the external antenna outside, in a place with strong signal, so that the signals are collected and sent to the repeater which amplifies it and rebroadcasts the signal with improved qualities. The models for this device are various and are designed for people with different needs. Such as, the models are designed for 850 MHZ, which may cover from 100, 300, 500, 1000, 2500 or 5000 SQM. It should be noted that the larger area it may cover the higher is the price.

The reviewers of this model are mainly fascinated with the fast and useful function of the devices shortly after installation.


The other booster we are going to present is meant for improving the power of 4G signals and will surely gain greater popularity in future. Sometimes it has even been called a pride of Australia, as it is the first 4G booster to be able to cover as much an area as this one does available in AU. This equipment is able to cover about 2500 square meters and the kit includes every single thing that can be needed. As it is planned that 16 cities will have 4G signal for the beginning, it goes without saying that the poor signal coverages are more than possible in an initial phase. Here follows that the need of such a device will not be waited for a long time. The device enhances signal strength to mobile phones by means of capturing and collecting weaker signals with the help of its external aerial antenna and the signals are amplified to be compatible with 4G.

Despite the vast areas the device is able to cover, the installation of it will take you just a few minutes. The only thing that is require is the installation of external aerial antenna and connect it to the port. The stronger is the signal in the place the areal is placed, the better will be its performance.

The price of this device is comparatively higher, but the experts of this field insist that for such a device the investment couldn’t be any smaller and ensure that the use of this booster will be greatly boosted in the nearest future.

Reviewers of this model are excited to have such a device in the market and believe that the future belongs to such equipments.



Thus, understanding the way a Telstra mobile signal booster can function and evaluating the  benefits it may bring in your situation is what you need to consider  when thinking about purchasing one as every situation is unique and a device operating excellent for your friend may leave you unimpressed.


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