The Era of Spark Signal Boosters and Perfect Connectivity

spark signal boosters

Cell phones have become an inseparable part of our everyday life and it’s by means of these digital friends of ours that we can connect with our loved ones, relatives and other people in a matter of seconds. However, like any other technological invention, these devices are inclined to fail at the most important moments, not from the technical aspect though, we would rather call it the functional aspect. This refers to the connection loss which can lead us to having missed or interrupted calls that are sometimes of very important character. But there is always a way out and in this case the solution’s name is a cell phone signal booster.

Cell phone boosters are what come to help you if you are living in a place where the signal is weak, and in New Zealand such places that are far from the main base stations of mobile network operators are many, because of which you happen to have endless dropped calls. All it takes you is to purchase a signal booster, a small device that can also come in nice styles to satisfy your aesthetic needs too, and forget about all the connectivity problems you had before.

A signal booster consists of 4 main parts which are a must for every high-quality cellular repeater. They are the following:

  • An external antenna
  • An internal antenna
  • A signal amplifier
  • A coaxial cable

These four parts form a whole functional system that includes catching the outside weak signal, amplifying it and then rebroadcasting it thus giving you a signal of high strength and ensuring you have no more interrupted calls.

There are phone signal boosters designed for all major mobile network operators of New Zealand including the Spark mobile provider which is the main topic of our discussion. Spark is a prominent mobile carrier in New Zealand and provides its subscribers with a high-quality signal. However, as is the case with all the other major mobile network providers, at some point this strong signal they provide you with might fail to function properly leading you to losing the good connectivity. But such issues are not always the fault of Spark or any other mobile carrier you are using, rather they are a result of natural phenomena, such as rural and mountainous areas, bad weather conditions and the like.

For this exact reason, you should simply set up a Spark signal booster in your house, office, car and any other building or vehicle so as to never again stumble upon the problem of low-quality connectivity.

Choosing a Spark Signal Booster

The market is filled with a great number of all kinds of technology items and cell phone signal boosters are not an exception. Because of the enormous quantity of boosters available out there the purchasing process becomes a really painstaking task for customers. For that exact reason we have singled out a few options of best Spark boosters to make your selection process easier and prompt you all the important criteria according to which you should make your choice. Here they are:

  • Light Mobile Booster: This booster functions on a 850 MHz frequency band and is a good choice for providing coverage for areas of up to 100sqm. This booster will amplify your weak Telecom signal and give you a 5-bar signal connection the moment you install it. You can use this model in cars, trucks, and small apartments. It comes with all the required parts a signal booster should possess (internal and external antennas, coaxial cable and a signal amplifier) as well as with a 2-year warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee which speaks of the company’s customer-oriented policy.
  • Power 2 Mobile Booster: This model can be used in areas of up to 300sqm and is great for boosting your weak Spark NZ signal in houses, apartments,offices, cafes, restaurants as well as in warehouses of a medium size. The booster works on a 850 MHz frequency band and is quite energy efficient. The kit includes a repeater, outdoor and indoor antennas, a power adapter and a 15-meter cable – everything needed for getting you high-quality connectivity. The 5-bar signal is guaranteed. This device also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 2-year warranty – keep in mind to always look for these two features in any booster you buy. The company offering these two with a booster is more reliable than the one that doesn’t have such options for its customers. What refers to the customer feedback then we should mention that it is quite positive which means that the signal booster has served its real aim.

As you can see owning a Spark signal booster in a place where you keep having dropped and interrupted calls is more than a necessity. Choose wisely and buy the best Telecom signal booster that’s out there. Enjoy the many benefits of a high-quality mobile phone booster NZ which include strong signal, clear voice, faster text messaging and constant connectivity with the outside world no matter where you are located.


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