Learn More About Cell Phone Signal Boosters Throughout South Africa

cell signal boost

As we can observe, there are a number of factors that influence cell phone signal connection in South Africa, which is why phone booster is so popular among mobile users.

Generally, there exist two types of cell phone boosters.  The first is analog signal boosters, which apply traditional technology to amplify all frequencies from cell phone network carriers. These models are always wide band (or broadband) repeaters. The second type is smart signal boosters. This is modern carrier-specific category of mobile amplifiers.  These models use powerful all-baseband processors to clean the signal before distributing it. Most of these boosters are able to provide 100dB of gain. In comparison with analog signal boosters which have a gain of maximum 70 dB, smart signal boosters are considered to be highly powerful. Accordingly, they are more expensive. These models don’t require the installation of outside antennas. Basically, smart signal boosters are carrier specific which means that they are specifically created to certain mobile networks. For instance, in South Africa, you can find a Vodacom signal booster, an MTN signal booster and many others.

Cell phone signal repeaters are very simple in their installation and operation processes. Basically, the whole system contains three basic components: external directional antenna, internal rebroadcast antenna and an amplifier.  Although some of less expensive types don’t have external directional antenna, they are the best for providing large mobile signal strength gain. Concerning internal antennas, the better systems will basically contain an internal monopole antenna for distributing the signal inside. One of the advantages of applying a monopole antenna is that the cell phone signal will be equally spread in all directions.  All types will include a cell phone signal amplifier. Even the cheaper models for home usage now are able to provide 20dB-50 dB gain, and more expensive models can provide a gain of around 100dBm. Taking into consideration the diversity of models, one of the most relevant questions here is how to choose a suitable device for your concrete case.  In order to buy the correct cell phone booster for your situation, you need to know the following information.  Firstly, you have to define the outside signal strength of the carriers you need to support. The outside signal strength will determine how powerful of an amplifier you need to ensure stable coverage for the area you need to cover. Next, you need to know the size of the area that requires boosted coverage distribution.  In addition, you also should take into consideration the layout of your area, in order to choose the correct inside antenna. A dome antenna will be suitable for you, if your coverage area is located on one floor, but if you need to provide additional signal to multiple floors, then you should apply a panel inside antennas as it is more directional and able to provide equal adequate  coverage within several floors. Today, along with amplifying mobile signal perception at homes, customers are able to improve the quality of cell phoneconnection in offices, commercial buildings, cars and boats. There is also a type of mobile amplifiers which is called a cradle. This device is designed for one device at a time. It is considered to be the most mobile of all models as the system only includes the cradle and magnetic outside antenna.

Nowadays, cell phone signal amplifiers are available in large number of online stores which make their purchase even easier. However, in order to receive a good product, you should choose a reliable supplier. Always address to recognizable websites. Always check the reviews of people who already bought their devices. In addition, you should make sure that the production is accompanied with all necessary documents and certificates which guarantee the quality of the products. Taking into consideration all technical issues, it is preferable to address to those websites, which provide online support and consultations. If you still suffer from weak cell phone signal perception, check out the possibilities of mobile amplifiers. Due to them, regardless your location, you will always stay connected: in towns, in rural areas, in car or wherever. With the help of signal boosters you can eliminate dropped calls, cell phone signal disruption, signal interference and other cell phone connection problems forever.  Don’t hesitate anymore and try your cell phone booster.

For more information on this topic you can follow this link: https://mybroadband.co.za/news/cellular/70016-who-gives-the-best-cellular-signal-in-sa.html


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