Vodafone Signal Boosters – Do Vodafone Subscribers Need One?

mobile phone signal booster

It’s no news how much popularity the company Vodafone enjoys among its customers, but it doesn’t mean that this mobile provider has reached perfection in providing its users with perfect signal and network connectivity everywhere without exceptions. As is the case with many other mobile network operators Vodafone too can’t fully handle the issue of secluded, rural and mountainous areas and not only. Thus, here is answer to the main question of this part of our article i.e. whether you need a Vodafone mobile phone signal booster or not – yes, you do need one if you are having connectivity issues.

But first let’s have a look at the company Vodafone itself by giving you a few quick facts referring to its history and development over the years. To clear things up we should mention that Vodafone is a worldwide known, so to say, an international company and has many branches in different countries one of which is the United Kingdom. The general term for this multi-branch company is Vodafone Group and Vodafone UK is a part of it.

Vodafone UK is a telecommunications services provider in Britain founded in 1982 and is headquartered in Newbury, Berkshire in England. As of 2016, the mobile provider has over 18 million subscribers and ranks in the third place among other UK mobile providers with EE and O2 being in the 1st and 2nd places respectively. Worth mentioning is the fact that the first 3G voice call in the UK was made in 2001 on the Vodafone UK mobile network operator.

However, Vodafone UK network also can have certain issues related to the strength of its network connectivity in certain non-signal-friendly places. This is a natural issue and happens in the case of all mobile network providers with Vodafone UK being no exception. So if you are facing a signal issue with your Vodafone network then it’s high time to install a Vodafone booster. The latter will release you from having to, say, go outside the building you are in, in order to find a good signal, or having to move around your house in search of strong connection, etc.

There are a number of reasons that cause weak connectivity issues and not all of them are as a result of the bad performance of your mobile provider. Below are some causes of weak signal in order to give you a deeper understanding of the issue:

  • Weather: Bad weather is something that can’t be avoided or controlled in any way and if you are living in an area where thunders and storms are very commonplace then stop blaming the Vodafone network for your weak connectivity and get a Vodafone signal booster. Staying connected, especially in such areas that face stormy weather very often is crucial and it is possible if you have a mobile phone signal booster set up in your house, office, car, or any other building or vehicle you need it in.
  • Rural areas: Obviously, the first place that comes to our mind when thinking of stormy weather and weak signal is the countryside. You can have storms in big cities too but the fact that weak signal is more of an issue in rural areas remains unchanged. Mobile providers don’t want to spend money on erecting a cell tower in such places because there is no densely constructed housing and it will not be beneficial for a business. That’s why we highly recommend you to get a Vodafone booster if you are living in a rural area. Stay connected with the world even in the farthest and most secluded places of the UK with Vodafone mobile signal boosters.

Construction Building Materials: If your house or any other building you are in is constructed from such materials as lead, thick concrete then we should inform you that this might be the reason for you having missed and interrupted calls all the time. These metals are not signal-friendly and cause connectivity issues but as soon as you install a Vodafone signal booster you will forget about the weak signal for good. That’s the easiest and most efficient way of getting rid of the unending dropped calls.


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